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Ever wanted to download songs from certain sites but they don’t allow it? Or even you have to pay for it? Found those hard to find song just to find out that you can only stream the song? Well now you can obtain the songs or audio for FREE using a FREE tool. By using the free open source audio editor Audacity, you can now record songs from any streaming media supported site. Check out the How-To video below.

How-To Video:

As you can see in the video, by using Wave Out / Line Out supported Sound Card, you can just record the songs from Imeem without any problem or limitations. The sound does turn out fine.

Steps to follow:

  • Choose Wave-Out as input option.
  • Set the input volume level to 0, you can increase a bit based on your liking.
  • Click on the record button on Audacity first and run back to the streaming media page and choose play the song.
  • Once song completes playing, press stop record on Audacity and just cut off the beginning and end part of the song which is not needed, leaving on the song audio intact. You can simply select and delete this parts using Audacity editor.
  • Once done, choose export MP3 in Audacity and now you have your ripped song in MP3 format.
  • This works rather well and the sound is rather good. Here is a Sample Song i ripped from Imeem using Audacity. It is not the best way to obtain song at the best quality, but it works.

    Posted at 11:26 pm on June 17th, 2008 in Tips & Tricks with 67,885 views

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    • Chrissy

      Hi, i was just wondering how tho get the dropdown box to choose wave in/out thingy. i downloaded audacity n there isnt 1 there. Any help would b greatly appreciated

    • Chrissy: You need to check if your sound card supports this feature first. Can you tell me which version of audacity you tried it with?

    • meghan

      mine didn’t work either. I downloaded the mac osx version.

    • Try to check again, or drop me an email and i will guide you. Before that just check your sound card supports it first.

    • lue

      hey i have the same problem as the other person i dont see the box that lets me select wave out option can u please help me

    • Can you send me a screenshot of the Audacity window you have?

    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem, I do not see any little thingy ding that says Wave-Out.

    • Ok, that means your sound card is not supported. I am checking on a solution for this. As a workaround you can rip / download embedded audio directly using Internet Download Manager. Try it out!

    • Randell

      Yeah, i don’t have the wave out thing on my vista system which makes the Audacity program pretty much useless.

    • Gigan

      Just did this with the 1UP Show theme. Thanks for the info.

      It is possible to do this in Vista. In the taskbar, rightclick the sound options and click ‘Recording Devices’. Enable the stereo mix and go to the preferences, making sure that the audio is up. Then go into Audacity. Then go
      – Edit
      – Preferences
      – Audio I/O
      – In ‘Recording’, go to device and set it to Stereo.

      Then press record and play on what you are trying to record. Should turn out alright.

    • Gvkmohan

      Thanks very much RAMESH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    • Your welcome 🙂

    • Gigantic Penis

      Gay – you can do this with most audioprograms.

    • Hey gay guy. Maybe you did not check the date the video was posted? or maybe you were not born at that time? Loser..!

    • Jesus First

      Thanks for the tip. I have a website from a pastor friend who has these songs I’ve wanted for ages. I lost the CD, and he will not fix the broken download links (he must be busy or something…) BTW Not very nice to see you so defensive Ramesh. To truly be human we must rise above such insults. Christ teaches us the way of humility. Blessings.

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