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I am an extremely big fan of the Cheese Sauce used by KFC on their Cheesy Wedges and i guess most of you guys would share the same interest as me. Recently i managed to find someone online selling a variant of cheese powder which is supposed to taste the same as KFC’s and to my surprise it was 99% the same.

Cloned - KFC Cheese Sauce

You just need to add hot water to the cheese powder and enjoy it when it becomes the cheese sauce. So now i can enjoy my burger and fries with this cheese sauce. Online price is from RM12 – RM16 per 200g, depends on the person you get it from.

Posted at 3:12 pm on December 23rd, 2011 in Blogging with 6,286 views

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  • Leoarmada

    Are the ingredients published? Probably it is not made of cheese at all….

  • Maybe, the whole package does not have any label, but it tastes really good!

  • earl

    Interesting…how much powder do u need to make the sauce like that in the bowl?

  • You just need to put a really small portion and you are done. The cheese really tastes good!

  • Williamywl2003

    Do you have the contact.. i would like to buy some too

  • Hi if you are from malaysia, you can easily get from dealers at 
    You can use the keyword “Cheese”

  • Cchian92

    where can buy it?

  • If you are from Malaysia, you can find many dealers selling it on , just search for the keyword “Cheese”

  • Niza

    hi there.. sorry to interrupt.. i’m Niza and i’m selling the cheesy wedges cheese powder retail and wholesale. for those interested email me at for the pricing. COD in KL area only. thanks..

  • Thanks, now we have a contact point 🙂

  • Marlia Shukry

    Where can I buy this? Can you give me the website, if they ship to UK? Been searching this. even kat UK pun tak sedap.

  • Hi @marliashukry:disqus , there are a few sellers doing it on lelong, for example you can check the link below. I am not very sure if they ship it to the UK, but you can check with them 🙂

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